Lose Fat and Gain Muscle


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Imagine finally getting the look you’ve always wanted!

A lean, strong muscular physique that will turn heads when you take your shirt off – HERE’S HOW YOU CAN GET THAT IN JUST 12 WEEKS!

You might think that you have bad genetics. Or you might think that you have to use dangerous drugs or questionable supplements to get the lean, strong and muscular look that you want. Trust me, I used to think that, too.

Like you I was frustrated with trying to put on muscle and burning off fat. We’ve all been there… you get motivated, start working out, then you get some results and then the results stop coming. And once the results stop coming it’s easy to quit, and that’s what happened to me. Not knowing what to do in the gym. Not knowing what foods are good for you and which to stand clear of. Being frustrated from training for years upon years but seeing little to no progress. Can you relate?

If so then you my friend are a hard gainer. Listen, that was me.

I can relate to your struggle and that’s why I created a training program for guys like us.

After years of working with real-world people and experimenting with different training modalities on my clients and myself I have developed a brand new system that can double your progress in half the time! No more wasted hours. No more unnoticeable progress. No more feeling of hopelessness when it comes to your fitness. This product is the answer you’ve been waiting for! But before we get into how I’m going to help you I want to tell you my story… I’m a hard gainer just like you. I have struggled in the past to lose body fat, and I sure as hell have struggled trying to gain muscle. I used to spend HOURS in the gym making very minimal progress. It wasn’t until my early twenties when I realized I can be doing things differently. I sought out the best coaches and mentors I could find and began tying pieces of what I learned together. I began applying different principles on myself and my clients. What I discovered blew my mind!

Like you, I was spending too much time in the gym, overtraining, training with useless exercises, ridiculous supplements and all the other good stuff. Once I started doing things differently my life changed, along with the lives of my clients. We rapidly dropped body fat, got strong as hell and built a TON of muscle. After seeing all of the transformations that were occurring, I couldn’t wait to spread the word! And that is how Tutela Training Systems, LLC was born and my strength and conditioning facility took off! And now I am ready to share the newest and best approach to rapidly building muscle and burning fat with YOU! Your health, strength and fitness will change if you follow this program the way it’s designed. You too will transform, with a simple, practical approach!

Imagine finally getting the look you’ve always wanted! A lean, strong muscular physique that will turn heads when you take your shirt off. Finally being the first person to throw your shirt off in front of the ladies at pool parties or on the beach. Having the confidence you’ve always wanted to talk to the opposite sex, while filling out the sleeves of your favorite t-shirt. That can finally be YOU through hard work and staying committed to this program! In 2006 I began working as a strength


  • A drastic reduction in body fat Lean, functional muscle
  • Dramatic strength increases
  • Better conditioning
  • More energy
  • A better quality, healthier life
  • More confidence
  • And much, much more!

After four years of college, I put on a dreaded 25 lbs of body fat and had no idea how tough it was to get rid of. I tried tons of different workout regimens and nutritional programs that I received from various personal trainers. Nothing seemed to work. When I finally asked Chris Tutela for his advice and joined his Hard Gainer’s Guide to Building Real-World Muscle and Strength program, I was amazed. Everything we did was different from what I have seen. I lost 9 lbs in my first week and continued to drop body fat and feel great throughout the entire program. I can confidently say there is NO other program out there like this one!

Nicholas Stavrakis


“ What can I say about the guy who changed my life forever? When I first came to Chris my strength was pathetic, I had a high level of body fat, and my energy levels were non-existent. I was getting married in just 5 short months and I had to be ready to look my best and feel my best; it was a great opportunity to become a better version of myself and finally put an end to the excuses. Chris sized me up and it was time to go to work. Each training session would put me through my paces but Chris was behind me the whole way making sure I got through it all, failure was not an option. Not only were the training sessions top notch but so was his expert dieting plan. Combining it all and the result is me shedding 4o pounds of body fat in 5 months and you can bet I gained plenty of lean muscle mass in the process. I felt and looked fantastic and was proud of what I had achieved. I could hardly believe the strides I made in my strength gains alone. I will never train the same,’ will never eat the same, and I will never be the same. This is what training, not exercising, is all about! Bottom line: if you are serious about undergoing a true body transformation both inside and outside join Chris Tutela’s Hard Gainer’s Guide to Building Real-World Muscle and Strength program immediately. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Robert Gugliuzza

“ What the heck can I say?! was fat, I was weak and I was unhealthy as hell! After a pretty severe injury and life changing experience, I was depressed. I started eating crappy foods, stopped exercising all together and hit an all-time low. Once I realized I was too out of shape and tired to play with my baby girl, I was determined to change my life for good! But I was so lost I didn’t even know where to begin. I think it’s safe to say the Chris Tutela’s Hard Gainer’s Guide to Real World Strength and Muscle program SAVED MY LIFE! I was taught every single thing I needed to know to transform. I was melting off body fat, getting stronger and building muscle! At first I didn’t even think it would be possible to change my physique, butt learned quickly that I was wrong! With a coach like Chris Tutela designing your program and showing you what to do, there will be NO STOPPING YOU EITHER!”

Paul Kaplan

These people have paid hundreds of dollars per month to work with me in this program. But you’re not going to pay me hundreds per month. You’re not even going to give me $100 per month. All you’re going to pay for this incredible program is $29 bucks! Yup, that’s it! $29 bucks for everything I just mentioned!

Now, you can choose to leave this site and not purchase this amazing product and keep doing what you’re doing. You can keep spinning your wheels in a world of confusion and wasting hours upon hours, never getting the results you want. Or, you can take it from someone who has already been there, someone who has spent years in the strength and conditioning industry, runs a private training facility with hundreds of members and has already gone through the same struggles you’re currently experiencing. You can eliminate all of the guesswork, and solve your fitness problems for one small payment of $29 bucks!

Man, we are basically giving this damn thing away! But we can’t give it away at this price forever so if you are serious about changing your life and your fitness and want to take advantage of this incredible offer, you have to act now! Now I don’t want any of you to feel pressured. I just want you to understand that changing your life and fitness involves taking massive action.

And if you are ready to take action today, I will give you a 3o day money back guarantee. If you decide that this program doesn’t work for you in the next 3o days, simply shoot us an email and we will refund you 100% of your money. No questions asked. If you decide to not purchase this product now, odds are you are going to continue in the world of frustration. Never achieving your goals because you don’t have the right plan to get you there. I can’t tell you how much I wish I had a program like this to follow when I was coming up, instead of wasting all those hours like you’ve been doing. If you are someone who has had difficulty losing unwanted body fat, gaining muscle and building strength, and feel like you have wasted years trying to accomplish that, then what are you waiting for?

This program is designed specifically to build muscle and strength while burning fat for any hard gainer! And as a bonus, I’m including…

  • Unconventional conditioning methods that will MELT FAT off of your frame 10 times faster than the boring, traditional methods Along with…
  • The full 12 week training template
  • A list of Tutela approved foods to eliminate any more confusion of what to eat
  • How to create an action plan for success
  • Exercise instruction

And instead of you paying the thousands that some of my clients have paid for this program, I’m giving it to all of you for just $29!


Q: How long will it take me to complete this program?

A: 12 weeks

Q: Do I need any training experience to try this program?

A: No

Q: If I decide that this program isn’t for me can I get my money back?

A: Yes, there is a 30-day money back guarantee where you will get a full refund up to 30 days if you decide this isn’t the program for you.

Q: Do you cover nutrition in this Ebook?

A: Yes there is a chapter on nutrition explaining all of the do’s and don’ts.

Q: Does the program tell me exactly what to do in the gym?

A: Yes the entire 12 week program is detailed down to the exercises, sets, reps and rest time, along with video descriptions of each exercise on my YouTube page.

Q: How long will it take for me to see results?

A: That depends on each individual. However, if you are committed and consistent with your training and nutrition, most people start seeing physical changes in the first 3 or 4 weeks.



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  • Program Consulting
  • Personal Training Session
  • Goal Assessment
  • Motivation & Accountability