Transform Your Body. Transform your Life.

Lose fat and keep it off for good

Build muscle and get stronger than ever

Transform your body and life


We Modify Our Program To Fit YOUR Specific Needs

Group Training

Our results-driven programs are customized to your needs. We modify our program to fit your specific needs.

Schedule Flexibility

Scheduling issues preventing you from coming to the gym? Have no fear! We have plenty of training times available to fit even the busiest of schedules!

Nutrition Consulting

Training hard without nutrition awareness? We’ll show you what, when, and how much to eat to get your body in the healthiest state possible!

The Six Pillars of The TTS Program

Each training session focuses on these vital objectives.


To help prepare you and your body for training, get out of pain and help you feel great


The base of strength training. Keeping your body stable helps you perform functional moves successful


As human beings age we lose our ability to move fast. We teach you how to train explosively…safely!


Strength isn’t just about lifting heavy weight. It’s about strengthening the body from head to toe, to bullet proof you against injuries, prepare you for life’s tasks and skyrocket your confidence. All with a joint-friendly approach to training.


In simpler words, build lean, functional muscle tissue.


To help enhance cardiovascular health, lose more body fat and condition your body & mind to get more out of life!

Meet Chris Tutela

Owner & Founder of Tutela Training Systems

I’m Chris. I’ve been working in the fitness industry since 2006 and have helped hundreds of people just like you transform their bodies and lives. I founded Tutela Training Systems in 2012 and over the years my team and I have put my system to the test and helped countless people become their strongest selves. I’ve worked with everyone from WWE, NCAA and NFL athletes to everyday people at every level. Regardless of where you’re currently at with your fitness we will help you get to the next level and beyond.

You should know that my personal transformation started when I needed to cope with my family’s toxic home environment caused by drug addiction. Training and nutrition became my positive escape and I soon became obsessed. I learned firsthand how making a physical transformation can also transform your life on all levels. Once I discovered this it became my absolute mission to help you do the same. I wanted to create a program that combined high level training & nutrition coaching with a family environment that is second to none and that is how TTS was born.

What’s different about Tutela Training Systems?

It’s All About YOU!

We Are Committed to Creating a Program That’s Right For YOU!

  • Custom Team Training: modified to fit your needs by expert coaches
  • Exercise Selection: the right exercise for the right person
  • Technique Mastery: master your form to prevent injury
  • Effort: using appropriate weight every time
  • Progress: never plateau with updated weight or repetitions
  • Consistency: see your progress and have the time of your life!









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You could be our next success story, what are you waiting for?


Book A FREE Strategy Call

  • Discuss your goals and obstacles that are holding you back
  • Create a blueprint with our coaches
  • Discuss program options to get you started
  • Get stronger, healthier, leaner and push yourself beyond limits you never thought possible


Are You Ready To Transform Your Body?

It’s not too late to get started on your dream body. We have the perfect plan for you. Our expert coaches want to see you succeed, and we will guide you through your fitness journey.

We know how hard it can be to change bad habits and reclaim your fitness. You may have tried other programs that didn’t work and feel frustrated with where you’re at now. But, we promise that if you show up and stick to the program, you will get the results you deserve.

As coaches, our mission is to give you the tools for long-lasting success and help you live a more fulfilled and healthy life. We believe that you can be our next success story!