Giving Back

A Great part of my job is having the ability to give back. Helping people live better lives.

Recently I started giving to charity by becoming affiliated with an organization called Sweat Angels. Sweat Angels donates a small amount to a different charity organization each month for every Facebook check-in to TTS.

This made me think that I can be doing more for charity. So Next month, I will be hosting a charity event at TTS. We will be having a 90 minute training session where you will receive information on how to build muscle, lose fat, get stronger and become a better and healthier you. With that, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s Children Hospital.

There is nothing more I hate than seeing sick kids. And I’m sure there is nothing more that you hate either.

So join us in October to educate yourself on proper training and nutrition, and help out children and their families.

Be sure to subscribe to our website by entering your name and email on our home page so you don’t miss the date of this awesome event!

Talk to you guys soon!

The American Epidemic

Back in 2006 I got into the business of training people to help get them bigger and stronger. I still love that about the business, but I have certainly evolved over the last nine years.

 In addition to strength and performance I have become extremely passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves. I not only want to help athletes become a dominant force in their sport, I want to change the way people view health, fitness and success.

It’s extremely unfortunate that most people look at a good diet and exercise as a chore. That it’s too hard to keep up with, there’s not enough time etc.

That is all BULLSHIT

Those are all simply alibis that we create to justify bad habits. We are all creatures of habit, and the problem is most of society has the habit of being lazy and unconscious about what they are putting in their bodies.  And it becomes much more difficult to break the bad habits when everything you see is trying to suck you into eating their shit food.

On a road trip I took to North Carolina this year, I took notice to how many fast food restaurants are on interstate highways. It was disheartening to see how many people were consuming that crap and what’s worse, they were feeding it to their kids.

Aside from being uneducated on health and nutrition, a large part of the problem is being undisciplined and always looking for something “quick and easy”.

Well, let’s take a look at where “quick and easy” has gotten us. Check out this statistic by the CDC…


Let me repeat that!


That is ABSURD!

So 75 out of 100 people will die due to lack of self-discipline and poor habits. Because they wanted something quick and easy.

And I don’t buy the “I don’t know what to eat” shit.

Because it’s extremely hard to believe that someone cannot tell me that broccoli is a healthier choice than cookies. 

And speaking of cookies, did you know that refined sugar not only leads to diabetes, but feeds diseases like cancer? Cancer thrives on sugar and the American diet is consumed by it. Along with processed carbohydrates, trans fat, preservatives, hydrogenated oils and plenty of other crap.

Now I’m not saying that if you eat pizza once and a while you are going to die. But when the majority of your diet consists of processed foods and high amounts of fat and sugar your chances of getting ill are much greater. And that is extremely unfortunate because we are losing our loved ones way too early to something that may have been avoided.

I don’t mean to be depressing but it is true. And here is the good news… YOU are in control. That’s right, YOU. Not your mom, husband, aunt, boss or anyone else. YOU have the power to choose, to break the chain, to not be like everyone else, to set an example for your children, to spread the message about health and fitness. YOU have the power to look great and feel better and live the life you’ve always wanted.

 Eating shit foods give you a moment of instant gratification but you feel like shit immediately after. Leaving you depressed, tired, lazy and holding you back from living the life you’ve always wanted.

How would you like to do more? Travel more? Meet more people? Have enough energy to play with your kids? Live longer? Be stronger? Look great? Feel great?

Believe it or not but a lot more doors will begin to open if you start paying close attention to nutrition and training. This all starts with making a few small changes to break the old habits and create new ones.

If you’re with me this far and wondering how, start with creating an action plan. This is an essential component that is always overlooked. As the old saying goes if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

 Create a plan for 6 weeks and that is a great start. What foods will you eat in that time frame? When will you cook to prepare your meals for the week? How much exercise will you shoot for in a week? What time will you exercise?

All of these questions need to be answered so you have a plan. Without one you are sure to fail. And I feel it is my responsibility to make sure you know that.

Once the plan is created you need to take MASSIVE ACTION. Otherwise your plan will be useless. Start to fill your fridge with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, unprocessed carbohydrates like rice and potatoes, nuts and that is a great start. You can build from there.

Grab some olive and/or coconut oil to cook with and you are on your way!

Don’t forget that diet soda and juices are just as bad as anything else. The artificial sweeteners are linked to diseases like cancer as well. So throw out all that shit. Water is the only way to go.

The only exception to the rule is coffee. Just drink it black or with almond milk. No sugar, sweeteners aside from Stevia (a natural sweetener), or creamers.

You’ll be amazed at how desensitized your taste buds are and how much better foods that we are meant to eat will start to taste. You’ll have a true appreciation for real food.

After you get in the groove and start to feel better it will start to become routine. And that is key. I know that when I don’t train or I eat like shit I feel like shit and can’t wait to get back in the gym. And I’m no better than anyone else, I just created habits after years of putting in a lot of work.

Let’s fight obesity and diet related disease together. PEOPLE ARE DYING! And a lot of heartache can be avoided by living a healthier lifestyle. Break the chain and fuck the norm.

Because the norm is killing people.

Let’s move AGAINST this epidemic.

Create your plan today and let’s move forward together.

Now get off your ass and get to work!