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Chasing Greatness

Many people look at greatness as some unattainable thing that only a select few people can achieve. They look at the bigger and better things that they want and tell themselves that the only way to achieve them would be to “hit the lottery”.

Or, they look at someone who has a body they want and say things like “I wish I could look like that”.

Not that having a good physique or having material things make you “great” by any means. But the point is that people sell themselves short. They think that greatness or success was just handed to these people.

And no doubt there are certain levels of talent, genetics or even finances that some people are born into. But that isn’t always the case. In fact, most people who are born into what some would call greatness never get the value in going through their journey. Let me explain.

When you or me strive for great things, there are going to be plenty of ups and downs. When you come from nothing there will be many hardships we will face on our path. There will be wins, losses, highs, lows and extremely valuable lessons in each of them. Those lessons will teach us more about life than someone who is just handed something.

They teach us how to become better people, and have empathy for others. They’ll help us understand more about how the world works and develop the strength to withstand the hardships of life.

To achieve success, there will have to be sacrifice. There will have to be discipline, focus, drive, commitment and the ability to control your emotions. These same lessons can be taught through striving towards a goal in your health and fitness, building a business or working your way to the top of the corporate ladder. Either way, we will learn a ton.

To achieve greatness or success, what are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to pay for the service of an expert? Are you willing to face some of the hardships associated with achieving that success?

If you’re saying yeah, then that’s the right mindset. If not, why the hell not?! Why settle for a life of mediocrity and lack of fulfillment?

I believe that the fear of the work and necessary sacrifices play a major role in the unhappiness of our society. Depression is higher than it’s ever been, which can be for many reasons including the over prescription of antidepressants and knee-jerk diagnosis. But would people be happier if they put in the work to try and achieve something really hard to reach? I sure as hell think so.

I challenge you to chase whatever it is you want in this life. Don’t fear the work. Don’t fear the pain. Instead, embrace it! The pain and work involved are only going to help you become a better person in the long run.

The life you want, the look you desire aren’t as far out of your reach as you think. It will take time and sacrifice but you CAN get there. You just need to accept the challenge of living a strong life.

Greatness is not this thing that’s only there for the rich and famous. Greatness is within you. It’s in your heart. It’s in your soul.

You just need to be willing to work your ass off if you want it to show.

Do the work, take the blows, learn and grow. When it comes down to your last day on this earth you will get look back and see a legacy that you left behind, rather than just a bunch of pictures.

Get out there and go live the life you were meant to live.

Thanks for reading.

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