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Eat for Life

Man it feels good to be back!

What is up everyone?!

I apologize for the long layoff but between new promotions over here at TTS in Clark, NJ, a new Ebook I have been working on and working on some new, exciting business opportunities I have been swamped to say the least.

But I am back and ready to get some good content out to you guys as often as possible!

I want to cut right to the chase today and talk about a topic I am super passionate about.

And that is…


The most overlooked solution to preventing disease in the world.

Poor nutrition leads us to getting sick. Then, we go to a Dr. who writes us a prescription for a pill that only brushes the problem under the rug, instead of going to the root of the issue…


That pill causes a side effect so you go see a Dr. about it. So, he/she then writes a prescription for ANOTHER pill which causes another side effect which leads us to taking…


The cycle goes on and on and we as a society are getting more and more sick.

Now please understand that I am not saying that there aren’t people that need medications.

Some people have certain diseases or medical conditions that are absolutely out of their control and our advances in medicine have and will continue to save lives.

I am not knocking the brilliance in how far we have come in medicine.

What I am saying however, is that like anything else, there are incredible doctors, great doctors, good doctors, ok doctors and doctors that fucking suck.

And many of the ok doctors and the ones that fucking suck are very quick to toss a pill down your throat and completely disregard what’s causing the issue…


Most of the American diet is made up of sugar, flour, trans fats, and artificial dyes, coloring and sweeteners.

Here is a quick rundown of how these foods can lead to disease in a nutshell.

Let’s start with sugar and flour.

Both of these substances are highly inflammatory, especially in the digestive tract.

The body will recognize inflammation the same way that it will recognize any other foreign body in the blood stream.

It will send it’s resources to fight off the foreign body to prevent disease and infection.

Since these two substances are staples in the American diet, the body is constantly in a state of inflammation.

As a result, the body sends its resources to “fight” and try to reduce the inflammation.

Since your body is constantly expending its resources fighting this chronic inflammation, it now does not have the resources to support your immune system, which leaves you with a weakened, suppressed immune system which leaves you more susceptible to disease and illness.

People need to realize that shit food has more of an effect on their bodies than a few extra inches to their waistline.

In order to properly optimize your health, you need to load your body with vital nutrients.

And not just once in a while… Every fucking day!

Here’s a very simple way to do that.

Base your diet around all earth grown nutrients… anything you can kill, catch, gather or grow.

Avoid sugar, flour and any bullshit artificial ingredients.

Artificial sweeteners have been directly linked to cancer in lab rats and, if that’s not bad enough, they have also been linked to Alzheimer’s, short term memory loss, kidney disease, liver disease and also have been shown to slow down the function of our sexual organs.

Good God.

I hope I don’t have to sell you on this one.

Please don’t get sucked into the hype of Diet soda, sugar free processed foods or any other man made “food” that they try to sell you as low calorie.

Just because something is low in calories doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good for you!

For instance, I always tell my clients that I would MUCH rather have them eat 1,000 calories in one meal from salmon, broccoli and sweet potatoes than 100 calories from some bullshit, sugar free ice cream.

You have to look deeper into where your calories are coming from, not just how many calories you are taking in.

Also please take note that you want to eat organic foods as often as possible.

Wild caught fish, grass fed beef, free range chickens, turkeys and eggs, etc.

People complain about the cost of these foods but you are paying more for YOUR HEALTH!

Literally the most important thing you can sped your money on, but people will buy booze with the few extra bucks they saved on buying lower quality products.

Even if you don’t care about the inhumane living environment and torturous death of the animals as much as I do, consider this.

These fish and animals never have a shot at life.

The animals are forced to procreate, then kept in cages that are so overcrowded and unlivable that the animals ended up getting sick and dying. The solution that factory farming companies came up with was to pump these animals up with antibiotics and hormones, just so they wouldn’t die from the environment in which they lived.

As a result of their environment, these animals have a significantly higher level of cortisol, the natural stress hormone.

Then they are slaughtered and when you ingest the meat, you are also ingesting high amounts of cortisol, hormones and antibiotics.

Farm raised fish are raised in such a disgusting environment that you would never eat it if you saw where it came from.

They literally end up eating each others feces in the dirty environment they are raised in.

Uh, that doesn’t sound good, does it?

Obviously you can’t worry about this shit every time you go out to eat, but if you only buy organic grass fed beef, free range chickens and wild caught fish when you cook for yourself you will be far better off.

The old, annoying cliché “you are what you eat” may be just that, but it certainly is true.

You will have a much better shot at health and longevity and won’t have to rely on pills and medication later in life if you take your nutrition seriously now.

People are getting sicker, and the numbers for disease are growing RAPIDLY.

I don’t say that to scare anyone.

I simply want you to understand how vital it is to pay attention to what you are putting in your body.

I really hope that this post helps and answers any questions you may have had.

If you have any additional questions or would like me to go a bit further into this topic, feel free to shoot me an email at

Next time you guys hear from me I will be soaking in some sun out in San Diego and can’t wait to tell you guys how that goes.

I have been wanting to go to California for the longest time and I have a whole itinerary already lined up!

I’ll catch you guys later this week!

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