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How to Find the Right Training Facility

You want results.

You want to look better, feel better, get healthy and strong.

You claim that you can do it on your own, so you try and never get the results that you potentially could. That’s because you’re not a fitness expert. You may have an idea, but watching bro-science YouTube videos are only going to get you so far.

And trust me, the guy in your gym who’s sauced to the gills probably doesn’t know as much as you think he does.

The reality is, the best and fastest way to get anything that you want is in life is to hire someone who’s been there before to show you how to do it. Unfortunately most people don’t want to make the investment in themselves to make that happen.

My question to those people is, how bad do you really want it? What does optimal health and fitness mean to you?

You say you want it, but you aren’t willing to pay someone to help you get there?!

I really want to get good at Jiu Jitsu, so I sought out a facility that can teach me. I pay them for their service and day by day I’m getting better. If I just watched videos on Jiu Jitsu, I’d still be getting tied into a pretzel by guys with barely any experience.

The same goes for fitness results. You’re never going to really get the results you’re after without having a professional show you the way.

But beware! There are a ton of bullshit fitness facilities out there. Most are bullshit, actually. You’re probably aware of that, so I don’t blame you for being hesitant to sign up at the first place you see. Nor should you!

So how do you find out which places are the real deal and which are shit? Start by doing some quick research. Find out who runs the place and what their background is. How many people have they worked with? How many of these people have actually seen results? How long have they been training people?

Check out their Facebook reviews.

Check out other social media platforms and see the content they post.

Does it seem like they’re promising the world overnight and guaranteeing you’ll look like The Rock in 48 hours. If so, quickly head to the facility and leave a burning bag of dog poo on their front door.

You’re smart enough to see who the real experts are. Spend an hour or two researching the places you’d be willing to give a shot, and then see if they offer any type of trial program so you can train at their place without making a long term commitment.

What I’d like to see is that they do a thorough assessment before getting you started and find out what your medical history and past injuries are. They should find out your goals, training level, get an idea of how well you can move and a baseline of your general conditioning.

A quality coach will spend some time on a thorough warm-up and get you primed for your training session.

Programs shouldn’t be mindless. There should seem like there is thought and some level of science behind what they’re having you do. There are too many places that will lie to you and say things like “you need to keep the body guessing” and just do whatever every time you come in to train.

That’s not because it keeps the body guessing. It’s because they have no fucking idea how to program, or why they’re having you do an exercise.

With that said, if it’s group training the program should be slightly varied and modified to address whatever specific needs and weaknesses you have.

Coaching should be thorough and you should be taught proper movement. If there isn’t a strong emphasis on quality movement and they are just having you push weight, run for the hills.

That’s a good start.

If you’re only doing a short trial it’ll be hard to determine the kind of progress you’ve made, but you’ll have a pretty good idea if it’s legit by the end of it.

The point of this article is to help you avoid getting sold on bullshit. There’s a lot of it out there, and these places are only concerned with bringing in more revenue.

Avoid the scam artists. Seek out the true experts and hire them to help you get to where you want to be.

Thanks for reading.

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