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Maximize your Results by doing THIS

How do you go about your training regimen?

Do you just pick a few exercises that you enjoy, with a set rep scheme that you just kinda feel like that day?

Do you pick exercises that challenge you, or do you like to stick with the curls and treadmill?

Do you take the easy way out?

If so, your program sucks. Which also means, your results suck.

I put together a list of what every healthy person should be doing to maximize their results.

This list will not only challenge you, but will add muscle and strength, burn fat and help develop the mindset you need to be successful at anything you do.

Grab your pens and paper folks, you might want to take some notes on this one.

1. Squat. Goblet, barbell, back squat, front squat. Stop thinking. Just do it.

2. Press overhead.

3. Pull more than you push. Vertically and horizontally. That will keep the shoulders healthy and get your back yoked!

4. Sprint.

5. Jump rope. Single legs, double legs, double jumps. Get after it.

6. Add in bodyweight training. Dips, push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups. They are tremendous for building muscle. Get good at them and use different variations.

7. Get strong.

8. Jump. Onto a box, for max height, for max distance, with resistance, without resistance. Jump.

9. Have sex…Often.

10. Sleep 7-9 hours per night. If you have sex often, this shouldn’t be a problem.

11. Eat real, organic, unprocessed food most of the time.

12. Use sandbags, kegs and battle ropes in your program.

13. Use a sled to push heavy shit.

14. Use a sled to pull heavy shit.

15. Throw. Overhead, laterally, soccer style, into the ground.

16. Drink about 1 gallon of purified water daily.

17. Every 10-16 weeks, take a week off of training.

18. Get massages.

19. Do conditioning at least once per week.

20. Hike, swim, run, bike. Don’t overthink. Do.

21. Set goals with a realistic time frame.

22. Always have something to train for.

23. Train pissed off.

24. If someone tries to talk to you while you’re training, make sure they don’t ever try that again.

25. Keep the music loud.

26. Crawl. It will keep the core strong as well as develop strength in the shoulders.

27. Stop wasting money on supplements and do everything  on this list instead.

28. Carry heavy shit for distance or for time.

29. Use single leg exercises like lunges and step-ups.

30. Train your posterior chain more than you currently do, and focus on getting it strong.

31. Spend some time on mobility/flexibility. This is how you stay healthy. Trust me, do it!

32. Hire a qualified coach to teach you what you don’t know how to do.

33. Bring it! Every training session.

34. Don’t make excuses.

35. Create a game plan. When to start. When to finish. What you’ll eat. When you’ll train. Who you’ll train with. When you’ll cook. Everything you need must be planned ahead!

36. Stay committed to your game plan.

If you stick to this list, you will not fail.

I guarantee that you will get better results, in less time.

Enjoy it, guys. Training does not have to be boring and monotonous.

Be creative, work hard and have some damn fun!

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