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The Iron Life Podcast #52: Martin Rooney on Fear, Adversity, Risks and What it Takes to be a Coach

Martin Rooney is an author, Olympian, speaker, podcast host, five time Top 100 Most Influential and creator of Training for Warriors.

But above all, Martin is a coach.

Throughout his career he has trained UFC Champions, The New York Giants, New York Jets and countless professional athletes.

In recent years, Martin has taken his training philosophy he’s used for his elite athletes and modified it to gear his training for the general population through his global brand, Training for Warriors.

Martin has been a major influence on my career and today I had the privilege to sit down and chat with him.

His new book, Coach to Coach is now available and is an absolute MUST READ for ANYONE!

In our conversation we cover:

  • How Martin is currently handling this pandemic
  • How he turned something he had very little passion for into a life of purpose
  • The early days of training UFC champions
  • The best way for people to cope with stress and fear
  • Turning challenges into triumph
  • What all gym owners should be worried about right now
  • Controlling the controllable

And a lot more.

Martin Rooney is a world class leader in fitness and there is a ton that you are going to get out of this conversation.

Click below to listen.

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