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The Iron Life Podcast #65: Change The Narrative with Liz Murphy

My guest on today’s show is Liz Murphy.

Liz is a personal trainer and certified stretch trainer who has made an incredible transformation in her life.

A few years back, Liz battled anorexia and bulimia.

She was working a job that she hated and her physical and mental health were in a bad place.

Despite the people in her life that were trying help her, she didn’t see any reason to change.

Until one day something clicked and Liz decided to transform everything about herself.

She hired a personal trainer and that was the impetus that led to a 180 degree turn around.

Today, Liz and I discuss

  • Her mindset while suffering from disordered eating
  • Necessary steps for someone to change their life
  • Flexibility tips for people dealing with pain
  • Her current training and nutrition plan

And much more.

You’re going to love this info-packed episode.

Click below to listen.

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