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To Get Jacked, Don’t do That. Do THIS Instead

Hey guys, I hope you all had an awesome weekend and started off your Monday on the right foot!

I got a couple emails over the last few weeks asking me why I haven’t done a blog post lately. Well, I definitely appreciate that and as you can probably see there were a lot of changes to the site. It was something that needed to get done and I hope that you guys like it.

On that note let’s get to the shit that I have for you guys today!

Let me start by saying that getting bigger, stronger and faster are always the goals of any program we create. Now you’ve heard me say 1000000000000000000 times by now that if you want to get strong and jacked you have to base your program on big compound movements. Squats, deads, bench, chins, rows, sprints and overhead pressing.

Some of you guys started adding these lifts to your program using perfect form. Which is tremendous and if you haven’t started yet then getcho ass movin!

Now even though you added these compound lifts as the foundation of your program some of you have asked me what to do with your assistance exercises.

I want to eliminate any confusion whatsoever so I am going to tell you what to STOP doing and a few exercises you should START doing as their replacement.

So here we go!

STOP: Leg Extensions 


Unless you are a competitive bodybuilder, leg extensions on a machine serve no purpose. They isolate the quadriceps and create muscular imbalances between the quads, glutes, hips and hamstrings. In the real world or athletic field, these imbalances can be directly related to serious injuries. Plus they serve zero purpose if you want to get strong. The alternative exercises are tremendous for balance, strength, hypertrophy (increase in muscular size) and even conditioning in the entire lower body. They can help correct any potential imbalances which leave you LESS susceptible to any potential injury. Talk about a bigger bang for your buck. Use them!

STOP: Lying Leg Curls on machine 


For the same reasons I mentioned above, the lying leg curl sucks for the hamstrings. The three alternative exercises I included will work the glutes, hamstring and lower back (known as the posterior chain) simultaneously. This will have an enormous effect on your strength and size of your legs. Why the hell wouldn’t you use them??

STOP: Lying triceps extension (AKA skull crushers)


Don’t get me wrong, skull crushers are cool to pump up the tri’s from time to time. But they can beat the shit out of your elbows if you do them long enough. Plus you won’t really develop the size of your triceps like you will with the three exercises I prescribed. Body weight exercises like push-ups and dips are incredible for developing size and relative strength in the upper body. Take a look at an Olympic gymnast. All they do is bodyweight exercises and their arms are always jacked. Floor presses are a great addition because the limited range of motion will allow you to get some pretty good weight on the bar which can help you get strong and jacked. Add these in and watch the changes to your physique.


START: 1Arm DB Row, Face-pulls, Chest supported row, Inverted row

I say this because if you walk into any public gym most people are doing a whole lotta pressing but not much pulling. Guys, this is only going to lead to an unbalanced physique, shoulder injuries, and lack of upper body strength. Your 315 pound bench press means shit if you have the pulling strength of a 90 year old woman with osteoporosis. It’s not impressive when your chest looks like The Rock’s and your back looks like Bea Arthur’s. Get strong, pull more than you press and get fucking strong and jacked! The three exercises that are listed are a few of my favorites for packing on muscle. Get it going!

STOP: Crunches                                               

START: Hanging knee/leg raise, Russian Twists, Planks

Crunches suck. Use the alternative exercises to really develop your abs and get them strong. Get that core strong and a lot of other stuff will get strong. Plus if you get that body fat down those abs will really be nicely developed and you will have the core strength to back up your look.

STOP: All cardio machines                          

START: Prowler Work, Jump Rope, Sprints

Ok I know this post is about getting jacked, but steady state cardio can actually slow down your gains. If you condition however, it can have an anabolic effect and help pack on some muscle. The exercises above are among my favorites. They will develop muscle, strength, speed, explosiveness, coordination and, if you do them right can help create an iron will that cannot be broken. I can’t stress how important that is for your success in the gym and in life.

Well guys, I hope that you loved this post and start making changes to your program TODAY! If you stick to the game plan you will undoubtedly pack on muscle and strength over the next few months.

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I really hope to hear from you guys!


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