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5 Quick Steps to Get Explosive as F@#%

What’s up guys? I hope everyone has dominated their training week and has a lot of fun planned for the weekend.

I wanted to wrap up the week by giving you a quick post on how to develop explosive power without overcomplicating things.

So first, what is power?

Power is strength x speed.

Basically it’s moving a load or generating force as fast as possible.

So how do we train for that at TTS?

1. Get strong first: If you’re weak you can’t be explosive. You have to build a foundation of strength first. So for the first 12 weeks of your program focus on increasing your numbers on big compound movements. Squats, deadlifts, presses. Once you’ve developed enough strength you can start training for power.

2. Jump: Once you’ve built your foundation you can start jumping. It’s a fundamental human movement that we are designed to do. Add in jumps prior to starting your workout, but after your warm-up. Keep reps low here, about 1-5 for about 3-5 sets. Use box jumps, vertical jumps, broad jumps, DB squat jumps and other variations. You’ll want to do them when you are in your freshest state to generate as much force as possible, that’s why we do them prior to our strength work.

3. Throw: Throwing heavy shit is another great way to develop explosive power. Go outside and start your workout by throwing heavy med balls, kegs or objects alike. Throw soccer style, overhead, from the chest or with a rotation. The set rep scheme can be the same as the jumping rep scheme. Keep it short, explosive and before your strength work for the same reasons mentioned above.

4. Sledgehammering: Beating up a large tire with a sledgehammer is one of my favorite ways to work on power development. You can do it with the reps/sets mentioned above if you have a heavy sledgehammer or use it as a finisher to get a little more of a conditioning effect. In that case do about 3-5 sets with 30 sec on and one minute off. Just make sure you have enough room for obvious reasons. This is also a great way to increase your punching power if you are a combat athlete.

5. Sprinting: I’ve said it 1,000 times before. Sprinting is one of the best exercises on the planet. Another fundamental human movement that will get you explosive as shit when used in short distances (10-40 yards). If you want to get powerful you need to sprint. Period.

So there you have it guys. My top 5 ways to become one powerful MoFo. Start adding these exercises to your program today and I guarantee you will be a heavy hitter in no time!

Catch you guys on the next one!

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