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I’m Back!

It’s been a while since my last blog post, and man does it feel good to be back! A few of you have reached out asking why I haven’t posted a new blog in a while. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. But here’s what I’ve had going on just to keep you in the loop.

For one, I have been putting together a 6 week challenge for new members who want to try our program for six weeks called The Ultimate Shred Challenge. This took up a bit of my time because I wanted to personally interview each person who was interested in joining to make sure it was the right fit. Once we had our group of 12 participants we welcomed everyone to our family with an orientation to get to know each other better and create a needs analysis for each new member.

During that time I was also interviewing our current members for our 8 week transformation contest called The 8 Week Game Changer Challenge. I spent about three weeks taking phone calls and creating the initial presentation. I have to say I had an absolute blast during our first meet up and delivering content to our members. To say that I am fired up about their upcoming transformation is a true understatement!

On top of all that I have been managing my team, writing new programs, writing diets, writing new articles for Elite FTS, scaling the business, creating YouTube videos, writing emails, and looking for a bigger and better home for TTS. Not to mention trying to fit in a social life and celebrating my 31st birthday which was one of the best times I’ve had in a while!

Now before you start giving me the “we get it, you’re busy, dude” crap, let me just say that I’m not telling you this because I want to brag about how busy I am. I don’t think you guys would really give a shit about that.

However I’d like you to understand that you can still be extremely productive when you’re busy. For example, during the last few weeks while all of this has been going on I have been dieting without a cheat meal, training three days per week, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu twice per week and Muay Thai once per week. I’ve read three books in the last two months, listened to one podcast a day, slept eight hours per night, wrote and read my goals every day, journaled and planned for the future. I’m also in the Big Brother, Big Sister Program and get to spend some of my time every other week with my buddy Jeremiah.

I tell you all of this because the biggest crock of shit I’ll hear about why people haven’t hit a particular goal in their life is because they don’t have the time. And I get it, “I don’t have kids”. I’ve heard that over and over again too. Which is true (at least I hope so). But I have plenty of clients who work full time jobs, some who have to commute to New York City every day and work 12, 14 and sometimes 16 hour days. They ALL have kids and guess what… some of them wake up at 4 AM to make a 5 AM training session and some sneak out at 8 PM once they put their children to sleep so they can make an 8:15 PM training session rather than watching another episode of the new Roseanne. If we try to justify our laziness we could all say we don’t have the time.

If you want to be successful, you’re going to have to MAKE THE TIME! It’s as simple as that. That will require going to bed and/or getting up earlier. That will require discipline and sacrifice. That will require setting goals and focusing on them.

But we as a society are getting soft. We lack discipline and have no idea what it is to commit to something difficult. We choose to lie on the couch and shovel processed garbage down our throats while glued to some mindless TV show instead of being productive.

You have to realize that being busy is a good thing. We need to embrace it but also stay disciplined enough to structure our day so we can get our most important shit done.

As a whole, our society wastes time on social media and mindless television, drinks too much alcohol, pays no mind to nutrition, doesn’t train, hates their job and is unhappy in their relationship. Their daily exercise consists of the walk to and from the refrigerator so they can punish themselves even more. But most will tell you they’re “enjoying” themselves, even though they are really killing themselves.

When you start to look at the patterns of the people around you you’ll notice that they aren’t living their life to their full potential. Not even close. What they’re doing isn’t normal, it’s common which is not the same thing by any stretch.

It’s up to you to break this chain of mediocrity and lack of health. Any change that you want to make to your life is 100% possible, But you need to commit to it and structure your day. Once you structure your day you then need to honor the new schedule you’ve created for yourself. What time will you get to bed? What time will you wake up? What will be your morning rituals? Plan for this rather than just rolling over, hitting snooze 12 times and then staring at social media for 45 minutes to start your day. That’s getting owned by your day. Instead, own IT!

Value your time on this planet, we really don’t get much of it. And if you live like shit then you’ll have even less.

Do everything in your power to control your day and your time here on Planet Earth. You never know when that’s going to end…

Thanks for reading, my friend.

Here’s to your success.

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