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The Iron Life Podcast #94: A Life Wasted

Not too long ago my life looked very different, .

My day would start at about 3 pm and would end around 5 am.

I’d eat fast food three or four days per week, and would drink alcohol just as often to numb myself from the emotional pain I was dealing with.

At that time I was about 25 lbs heavier, unhealthy and was at a point in my life where I was stuck.

I had no vision or direction, but knew in my heart that I needed to change.

Maybe you can relate…have you ever been in a place where you’ve felt stuck, made a little bit of progress but ended up right back where you started?

That went on with me for years.

I felt like I was wasting my life, until I decided enough was enough.

My transformation began by what I thought was changing physically.

So I dialed in on my diet and my training.

As a result, I lost about 34 lbs of body fat and packed on lean muscle in about 16 weeks.

What I didn’t realize is how much was going to change in every other area of my life by going through that physical transformation.

I suddenly had a new found drive, energy and sense of purpose.

As time went on every area of my life started to change.

My confidence, relationships and business all began to shift dramatically for the better.

Today, that guy who was unconfident, unsure of himself, unhappy and and slept until 3 pm is dead.

And I share this with you today because if you’re at a point in your life where you feel stuck, I want you to know that you can break free of those shackles too.

To do that, it’s gonna take some fucking work. I won’t lie to you.

But when you come out the other side, I promise you, the work is always worth it.

Today I share with you my story and how you too, can overcome.

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