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The “It” Factor: Conquering your Inner Bitch

You’ve done your research. You found the best training program you can get your hands on. The best diet you can find that you are confident will work.

You have your new gym membership and training partner and you’re ready to get started!

All of the right pieces are in place. You have all the necessary resources, but fast forward 3 months, and you’ve made little to no progress.

We see this time and time again. What went wrong? This was supposed to be your sure thing to a bigger, leaner and stronger you!

Well, here’s the answer.

Take a good long look in the fucking mirror, and understand that YOU are responsible for your failure.

Not the guy that wrote your diet, not the guy that wrote your program…YOU.

Let me explain what I mean…

There are guys that have walked through the doors of TTS and public gyms around the world. They bought the fancy t-shirts and shoes, new supplements and all that good stuff. Everything is in place, except for what’s inside.

They walk in uninspired, half-ass through their warm-up, constantly look at their phone and have zero desire to actually put in the grueling hard work that it takes to be successful.

These people are loaded with fear.

Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of hard work.

They coast through their workouts, without ever pushing themselves.

Why go up in weight, when it’s so much easier to just use the same as last week?

Why bother doing that last set when you’re tired? You’re tired, right? Just relax, no reason to push yourself.

People like this will never be successful. In anything they do. It’s possible they get a good job, a home, a family but that isn’t all success is about.

Success is about balance. It’s about a constant pursuit of self-improvement, and empowering those around you to do the same.

It’s about abundance, and if you half-ass anything you will never truly be satisfied.

I’ve mentioned before that how you do anything is how you’ll do everything. If you half-ass any aspect of your life you can bet your ass that you will half-ass other aspects.

Including your family, relationships, jobs etc.

These people live their lives being satisfied with mediocrity. Satisfied with going through the motions.

God bless em, because that will never fucking be me.

And I encourage all of you, the TTS nation to stand by me and wage war against mediocrity.

Live your lives inspired, motivated and help everyone around you do the same.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy training sessions where I can work with guys like my longtime friend and client Josh Bettinger. This dude never misses a session, is always early, excited to train and would never even consider missing a rep, let alone a set. If he has to puke, he pukes. But he doesn’t ever bust out the white flag and surrender.

People like Nick Fischetti, Vinny Crisafi, Joe Francisco, Kenneth Bass, Carl Figueroa, Ron Salermo, Paul Kaplan and Heather Diaz. These people don’t know how to fucking quit, and would rather die than even consider it.

That’s how it should be. You shouldn’t ever go through the motions. In ANYTHING you do.

When you’re out to dinner be completely present with the people that you’re with. Don’t look at your phone and worry about what’s going on in the Instagram world. Who gives a shit?! Enjoy the fucking moment, man.

You get one God damn life and if you waste your days dicking around and slacking off when you should be working hard you’ll be going to the grave with a lot of regrets. I don’t know about you guys but I know I sure as hell don’t want to go down without embracing every second of my life. Lord knows it goes by too quick.

We all have bad days, nobody is perfect. But shit, when it’s time to bring it, bring it!

Set goals and crush them! Every fucking day. Don’t waste time!

Joe Rogan has mentioned the importance of “conquering your inner bitch”. We all have that little bitch inside of us trying to make excuses. Telling you that you’re tired. Telling you to skip the chicken and broccoli and grab some Mcdonald’s.

When that little bitch inside of you starts acting up you have to reach inside of yourself and rip its fucking throat out.

Be the type of person that needs to be tamed during your workout.

Those who are, are always the most successful people in life.

So be the lion. Stay hungry. Stay focused and relentlessly pursue a better you every single day of your life, in all areas.

That is what the TTS nation is all about.

We are about punching mediocrity in the mouth. Laughing, learning, loving, growing and pushing ourselves every day.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself now, if you do you’ll be sorry for the rest of your life.

And you’re better than that.

You know and I know it.

So be tough, and never, ever surrender.

Now flip the switch, and get to fucking work!

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